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So today as I was preparing for my Self-Care Live topic " Emotional Resilience " I started to think about this Corona Virus. Yesterday I was all for I'm going to work and help people. I also said "Nobody Ani't got time for that" I just don't have time for a quarantine, I have bills to pay, and I have to prepare for JS Self-Care Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself Tour.

As I sat and think more, I feel we should go into Quarantine. I know you Probably saying What . Think About it!

Let me explain, the benefits of going into quarantine with your love ones.

By everyone going in to quarantine the virus will stop spreading . The reason why its spreading is because people who are sick and don't know it, are coming in to contact with 1000s of people. The infected person is going grocery stores, walking in malls, going to work, or even going to bars and restaurants. So think about this Do we want to continue going to work and interacting with others, and keep infecting each other? or Do we want to go into quarantine and allow those who are sick to get better and not infect others?

Think about this while you choosing between letting the Corona Virus spread or go into quarantine. You will get the opportunity to bound with your family. Bounding with our families is something we lack because we are always on the go. The only time we get to spend time is if we going on a car ride or on vacation. So bounding is needed. I would love to reinstall values and traditions with my love ones.

Now for our Employers:

People should not have to use their sick, personal or vacation time while in quarantine. Social Workers should have their clients download WhatsApp or another FaceTime method so Social Workers can assure the children are safe. For those who can work remotely should be able to do so.

Thanks for reading

Have an amazing day on Purpose!

JS Self-Care

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