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How a small decision can turn your life around.

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

My Journey to my Self Care Project is dedicated to my Mother Blanche Santana. My mother is now my Guardian Angel she Guides me and Supports me from Heaven.

One day me and my mother were talking over the phone and I told her that I wanted to start speaking to people on social media, about Self Care. I told her my goal was to use a strength based approach for coaching people to transitioning them to there Authentic Self.

My Mother said go for it Janell. She reminded me of all the traumas I had to endure as a child and as an adult . She than said not only do you have life experiences you also have the education and trainings behind you as well. I said Mommy you know you are so right. Even though I didn’t start my Self Care Project when my mother was alive. I did start it after she passed away. I started speaking to her on my ride to work and home and she said Janell start that Self Care Project that we have spoken about..

So here we are me and my Mother Teaching you all the techniques on how to live your by life practicing and implementing self care daily..

I hope you enjoyed reading my Journey to Self Care. I am now living My purposeful Life.


Janell Santana

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