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Journey To Self-Care mission is to educate youth by encouraging self-worth and self-acceptance by cultivating Social Emotional Learning (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making). Through Adverse Childhood Experiences we can educate children and meet them where they are in life. JS Self-Care's primary goal is to give children the opportunity to begin their journey to self-care no matter what season of self growth they may be in.


JS Self-Care's vision is to partner with schools, community organizations and corporations to provide leadership, team development programs and empowerment events to help individuals become the best version of themselves.


Program Overview

Journey to Self-Care was designed for youth in grades 5 – 12, general education and students with special needs including Individualized Education Program (IEP). The program provides youth with a safe space where youth can express their views on the topic of Self-Care, Self-Respect and Self-Love. The programs personalized learning environment will offer a variety of experiences, instructional approaches and academic support strategies

Journey to Self-Care Goals:

  • Build character and increase self-esteem 

  • Normalize Mental Health 

  • Reduce infractions by teaching the importance of emotional control

  • Increase learning achievement 

  • Educate youth on how to express their preference of learning styles.

  • Educate youth on how to decrease their academic frustrations by knowing and understanding their individualized education accommodations in school and at home.

  • Help youth develop and define their short and long-term goals by utilizing the SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound)  

  • Build healthy relationships

  • Student and staff team building activity (You Need Me and I Need You)


JS Self-Care 

In Your Schools

16-Weeks of intense, in-person learning in groups of up to 25 students per session. Each session is 1 hour at length unless otherwise stated. Schools and districts can request multiple groups of up to 25 students as needed based on maturity and grade level. Journey to Self-Care will implement learning by using Radical Acceptance (DBT), Guided Mediation (Walking in the sand touching beach water), Breathing Exercise accompanied by Instrumental hip hop music and a Journey to Self-Care Vision Board created by each student. At the end of the course each student will receive an end of Program Ceremony where they will be presented with their JS Self-Care Self-Soothing Boxes, which includes a Self-Care t-shirt, water bottle and a journal. 

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